Pet Grooming

Why groom your pet?

Grooming your pet should be sociable and enjoyable experience for both you and your animal companion. The interaction between you and Him/Her helps build a close bond and establishes mutual respect.

Your pet relies on you to help keep Him healthy and fit. Regular grooming sessions will help you identify any problem areas such as foreign bodies embedded within the coat, in awkward places like the “arm pits”, groin & ears.

Brushing has many benefits. As well as aerating the coat and ensuring healthy growth, brushing promotes good blood circulation. Grooming helps to keep grease levels down — a build-up of grease in a dog’s coat can block pores which may become irritating.Feet

Visits to a professional qualified groomer are an addition to the care you are providing your pet. Groomers will help with keeping the coat length to a manageable length to suit both you and your pets’ social needs. But remember it is not down to the groomer to keep your pet free of tangles and mats. This is your job and easy to maintain with frequent bonding sessions with brushing at home. Make sure your brush and technique are good. If in doubt ask your groomer for advice.